Saturday, July 10, 2010

South Carolina Politics

So as a resident of South Carolina I am beginning to wonder if anyone takes us seriously? And really, how could they? Let's see. We had the 2007 Miss Teen USA contestant that could not produce a coherent statement if her life depended on it. VIDEO HERE. Way to go SC Educational System, way to go.

Recently we have had our Governor disappear only to be found in the arms of an Argentinean woman - Guess that could have been OK, had he not been married and publicly touted his religious and moral beliefs as the basis for his political career in SC. So now he is divorced and there should be no reason to "go missing" and yet. Poof. He was gone again, and where-o-where was he found? You guessed it Argentina. For goodness sakes. He's not even smart enough to know he doesn't have to hide...

Now we have the militarily discharged, unemployed (receiving unemployment benefits), living at home with his parents, criminally charged Alvin Green as the democratic hope for the US Senate. Are you serious? So what, do you ask, are his plans for SC should he win the November 2010 senatorial race? This is do good, I'm surprised no one has thought of it before... His grand idea on how to turn around unemployment (which he is a part of mind you) and to bring back to glory our sad economic life, is to - get this - sell action figures of himself. Yep. Mini Alvin Greenes. Can't you just hear your kids now as they make out their Christmas lists?

Dear Santa,
I have been a very good boy/girl this year and I think that I have earned any of the stuff I am going to list here:
A Pony
a nicer big brother
a bb gun
world peace

Oh and if you can swing it, can I get an Alvin Greene Action figure? I don't want the one with the AF or Army uniform, not even the senator's suite, but I would love the one of him in the orange jumpsuit from when he was arrested for showing a young girl porn on a public library computer!!! Please, Please, Please, i promise I won't ask for anything else!


Anyway, if you want more details on the absurd plans for the dolls, Here ya go...

Alvin Greene Announces His Economic Stimulus Plan for South Carolina - Alvin Greene Action Figures

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