My Freelance Obsession

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The Eyes Have It!! 
(I'm an eye-care professional, you know I had to write about it!)

Glaucoma - Don't let the pressure get to your sight!
What is the Anterior Chamber and Angle of the Eye?
What are the Iris and Pupil of the Eye?
What is the Lens of the Eye? 
What is the Cornea?
Is my "Pink Eye" Really an Infection?
Ophthalmology's 3 Most Common Forms of Anesthesia
Branch Retinal Vein Occlusions Show that Vascular Blockages Effect More than Just the Heart
Chemotherapy Induced Dry Eye Syndrome
Can Depression Result From Vision Loss?

Other Health Information

Innocent to Obsessive
The Importance of the Medical History Form

Charleston Tourism - 
Because Visiting the South is FUN!

Top 3 Carriage Companies in Charleston, SC
Ways To Not Be Bugged On You Vacation To South Carolina
Hockey Stars Put On the Pink to Benefit Breast Cancer Research
Magnolia Plantation and Gardens - Charleston, SC
A Photo Journey Through Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Miscellaneous and Other Interesting Stuff

Books Under Fire From Unimaginative Parents
Shoot Out At the OK Corral - Exciting New Perspective!
I Was Stalked - My Story (True)
The Month of Love - Is it Equal For Everyone?
Poetry: Muse of Purple