Saturday, June 5, 2010

Foods for thought

Ok, so it is no secret to all that know me: I am not a small woman. I'm not excessively large by any means, but I have a more robust appearance that I would like. It is because of this that I have been watching more of what I eat and attempting to increase the amount of physical movement that I do each day. So far so good, and I do feel better, both mentally and physically. The hardest part of my attempt at transformation has been the food issues.

So this has got me thinking about what each food may do for me.

I find that if I eat protein (eggs, chicken, etc) that I have more energy almost immediately. Ok, no shocker there. We all know from junior high health class that protein = energy, but some of the other things I've noticed about food, I don't remember being told about in any class.

Milk, cheese and other dairy after a work out prevents cramping in my muscles.
Citrus fruits eaten before I sit down to write articles seams to promote creativity and the flow of ideas.
Mint, lavender, and rose smelling and tasting foods (or naturally flavored foods) relax and settle my mind - allow my to sleep more restfully, limiting the need for sleep aid medications.
Caffeine and Chocolate make me feel more run down, something that I would have never thought. Especially b/c they promote caffeine to keep people up and wired. The only real great thing that I have found with the two is their ability to get rid of a headache. I thought I would miss them when I cut them out of my diet, but really, I haven't. Like I said the times that I have had them, I just feel crappy.
I've started to eat a lot more fish (which I should have been doing all along given that I live on the east coast of SC), and I have found that my hair has a lot more body, softness, and looks all together more healthy.
I've cut out almost all salt and butter, and I will admit that I taste foods more. What I mean is there is a natural flavor to certain foods that I had never tasted before simply because it was being masked by all the butter, salt, pepper, ketchup, etc. I have become more of a fan of the natural flavor of foods. A good example of this was when I made green beans the other night - my normal routine would have been to blanche them in a salt water solution, then saute them in butter and salt. This time I simply washed and steamed them, the favor was very basic, but the point is, I could taste the vegetable - not the butter and salt. I guess another benefit of cutting out the butter has been that foods don't taste, or feel as heavy. Grant it, you can still get that overly stuffed, unbuckle your pants, feeling if you eat too much of anything (steamed green beans included) but if you stop with your preset amount of food, or even when you are simply full, then I have noticed that there is almost no slug like feeling that overcomes me.

So there are many other foods that I have found there to be a benefit for, and I think that they are pretty much the things that most people know - heck most may even know about the ones that I have listed here, but I thought I would share and see if there were any suggestions, agreements, or comments about foods. I'm always open for ideas on how to continue my journey to a better, healthier me!


  1. Interesting! I try to have an egg every morning because the protein keeps me full a LOT longer than anything else. And if I can avoid the 10:00 munchies, I've just removed a good 200 calories from my total for the day...and that, of course is a major victory!

    Best of luck to you!

  2. Melissa, I'm constantly adjusting my diet to help myself in one way or another. Just a note on the caffeine and chocolate. I can handle only a small amount of chocolate, and NEVER in combination with coffee. I can't handle regular coffee at all and just a small amount of decaf. But, for some reason, I can drink all the black tea I want with no ill effects. I think there is some other chemical component in coffee that combines with the caffeine and creates the problem for me. Have you tried tea?


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